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Knowledge Management

Many Companies or organizations are massively investing into systems and technology to organize, execute and distribute information. This is what they wrongly describe as knowledge Management. The problem is that this misconception has made a lot of companies to face disappointments that arises from knowledge management (KM).

There is a great difference between information and knowledge. Even KM experts make this same mistake. The fact is that Knowledge by definition cannot be completely converted into an object which is transferred from one individual to another. 

Knowledge can only be diffused or spread through certain learning processes where individuals gradually develop new capacities for effective action. This can only be effective when done within a learning community that is built on psychological safety and trust. In a working environment where there is pessimism and impracticable expectations knowledge cannot be effectively dispersed.

The major aim of this article or study is to help organizations withdraw back from focusing only on the technological component of knowledge management. Then take steps that will broaden their approach on knowledge management to also include performance drivers built around culture, leadership and organization.

What is Knowledge Management?

As it stands, there is currently no globally accepted definition of KM but there are generally accepted basic concepts from which KM could be derived from. Knowledge management necessitates the capturing, structuring, improving and dispersing knowledge of an organization.

KM also involves

The ability to leverage both silent consent and clearly stated knowledge in a organized way.

Sharing the right information, to the right person, at the right cost and time

Making well informed decisions using the knowledge shared

With KM it is easier to solve complex management problems, engage in dynamic learning, have strategic plans, and improve collaboration amongst workers. Effective KM completely removes the possibility of intellectual assets to decay.

What are the Components of KM Best Practices?

When creating a global standard KM, it is important to consider the two most critical success factors which include Leadership and Culture. For us to properly implore the globally accepted good practices of KM there are certain performance dimensions that need to be considered like: Strategy, Culture, Technology, Process and Leadership. Building Knowledge Management in such a way that it aligns with the business strategy is a clear success factor.

KM Strategy

Building Knowledge Management in such a way that it aligns with the business strategy is a clear success factor. There are certain best practices that need to be used for the development of a business knowledge strategy that links all knowledge management together:

A drive towards operational excellence

It is key to note what promotes full organizational participation

Determine the knowledge that is needed

Determine the knowledge that is available

Assess any possible knowledge gap

Develop or purchase relevant knowledge

Knowledge strategy clearly aligns with a core component of business strategy

KM Culture

In as much as organizations welcome technological changes, it is important to also highlight the fact that they need to embrace a world-class cultural change within an organization. This is necessary to build an organizational environment where they have a common language and understanding of basic KM centered on key business goals. They can create the culture of sharing knowledge and business to enhance objectives.

Facetime App For Windows: It Changes The Idea Of Video Calling

Are you looking for a video chatting app to have an excellent video calling experience? At once I will tell you about the Facetime which is being considered the best among all. Most of the video chatting people consider this app as the most rewarding one.

Features of Facetime App Download:

I will tell you about the features of this app. Well then only you can know why it is so much demanding:
 It is a great app that is perfect for the socializing and connecting through the video
 It is fully free and can be safely used for the PC also
 Do you know who the developer of the face time is? Apple. So they ensure that it is official app and there is no pirated version.
 Both the video and the audio calls can be done through this app.
 You can have a clear image. This is all due to the HD quality video. But sometime the resolution differs due to the device.
 You can Free Download facetime for PC, MAC, iPhone etc.
 Do you want to ignore a call- well Facetime can allow you to do so.
 Sync factor is fully activated and hence all the contacts on the device get into the app.
 You have a favorite list, where you can have the favorite contact.
 Even this app can support conference calls. Maximum of 9 to 10 people can talk at the same time.

So now each of them has convinced you. by now you are excited to get it for you too. So I would be helping you today to get it and have an extensive knowledge about the app installation. With this you can slowly and steadily explore more about this app. Have a glimpse of the steps t download it and install the app.

Requirements of the PC

But wait I have mention some more technical requirement for the Facetime installation.
 The operating system of the PC should be windows 7, windows XP, 8.1or windows 10.
 The speed of the CPU should be more than 1 GHZ.
 2 GB and more RAM is must
 Webcam device should be present in the PC
 For the audio support you can have the microphone or the headset.
 And obviously an internet connection is must.
These are required for the installation and continuing the usage of the Facetime app.

Android Emulator For Getting The App

Now an android emulator is essential to download it for the windows or Mac. Among all we have always preferred the Bluestack emulator for its varied features. With the emulator you can download the app. If you are having the emulator then it’s Ok , otherwise the emulator needs to be downloaded first.

Installation of The App

After you download the PC Facetime Download Apk file, you can do the installation process. Follow the instruction and grant the permission which is being seeked. After the installation process if completed, you can get to use the app on your desktop. Click on the icon and you will be directed to the video chat or calling.


With the technology advancement, we have seen a great success in every industry. Communication industry is also viewing many updations which are quite acceptable. Similarly now it’s time to call your friends and also see them. Gone are those days when we use to only talk with them. The PC version of the app has been launched for the demand of the people. And they are also going well. More up gradation are being brought to make it more compatible. Hope this article has been useful for you to know about the Facetime app.

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